if (Title contains %exact_match%)

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Re: if (Title contains %exact_match%)

28 Apr 2019, 04:22

I suppose being a programmer is nothing like being a lawyer or a doctor, but I would have guessed that any of the 3 requires a very high IQ and a solid, stable and rational individual. Being a Doctor will require a massive level of knowledge of the human body, but being a programmer would require a person to think at a much deeper level than anyone else and to be an ultimate problem solver. Just playing around with the scripting that I do for a hobby sometimes burns out my brain, and I'm at a novice level lol. Looking at some of the code that you guys do just blows my mind, I can't imagine how that is ever learned. It's impressive beyond words.
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Re: if (Title contains %exact_match%)

28 Apr 2019, 18:58

well technically people could very well end up dying as a result of bad programming
morbid yes, but true nonetheless

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