Brainstorm With Me? Steam Screenshots Fldrs.

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Brainstorm With Me? Steam Screenshots Fldrs.

05 May 2019, 13:16

i have a -lot- of games on steam.
a lot of them i take screen shots in when i play.
i don't always upload those screen shots (in fact 99% the time i don't).
but i do want to brows those screen shots ON DISK.
the only way to do this presently is to tab out of the game, find the game in your library click view then click screen shots and in the new window that comes up click "view on disk" steam thinks this is a "ease of access" method but i can sooner fill out my taxes and with less hassle....

the result of their convoluted process, is explorer will open to the "Neumeric id of the game." for a non-steam game that might be something like 2133905812610123 and for a steam game it might be something like 314121 steam keeps track of these.

it's a total -chore- to access the folder....

id like to hear some brainstorming ideas on how i can automate a script to do this while -inside- a game. say with something like the
Winkey + Printscreen key
# & Printscreen:: and so on.

perhaps collect the path from the active "window" with hidden window detection active? oh wait that wont work.... saved data like screen shots is in the __Numbered__ folder but the games executable is in a __Named__ folder i think...

can we brain storm on this?

theres a site that seems to hold the ap ids' but not as easily dl'able content

id have to sort through all 1520 pages to collect the 100 or so per page and cull away anything but their name and app id to create a adaquit database to search through. and this doesn't mean every game that runs applies to its descriptive mane either. Ark (a survival game) for example uses an executable called GameShooter.exe as its main window when running. Dauntless Patcher launches Dauntless.exe separately.

so please lets hear some ideas about what can be done people?
is it just impossible?
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Re: Brainstorm With Me? Steam Screenshots Fldrs.

05 May 2019, 17:11

Some ideas:
- Use Loop Files to retrieve a list of folder names (game IDs), use Loop Files to retrieve the path of the first image file in each folder, show the image temporarily by using SplashImage, show an InputBox, where you type in the game's name, then store the folder names (game IDs) and game names in a file.
- ... If there is something consistent in images that identifies the game, e.g. a window title bar, you could use OCR on that.
- Automate clicking a game, waiting for the folder to appear, and grabbing the folder name (i.e. game ID). If you can't retrieve the game name programmatically, take a screenshot using Gdip, and parse it later using OCR. Or perhaps OCR it live, if it's reliable enough.
- Maybe you can do a Google 'I'm Feeling Lucky' search for each game to allow you to retrieve its ID.
- Maybe if you search around inside files you can find a list that stores game names and IDs, on your PC, or perhaps you can scrape data via some webpage that you can view in a web browser.
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Re: Brainstorm With Me? Steam Screenshots Fldrs.

05 May 2019, 23:03

All good ideas so far jeeswg im exploring options now to create a database.

it sure is infuriating they separate game names and id's so radically. i wish they just tagged the game id to the end of the folder name or placed the id numbers in the games folders meta properties (if any).. maybe a regestry option. its difficult. as game names are at times unicode in nature as well. >.<; or even as a number or link file in the Named games folder. (or vice versa with a link to the named game in the neumeric folder.)

This topic is still OPEN for new ideas debate insight and so on! Please Weigh In on this topic!
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Re: Brainstorm With Me? Steam Screenshots Fldrs.

05 May 2019, 23:18

ARG this is turning into a TOTAL A$$ pain.

some games names use `r`n (/r/n) some use spaces in the game name vs the folder title.
so i think the best way to do this is to have a hotkey for
step 1: taking a snapshot,
step 2: finding the most recent file (filtered by .png,.jpg,.bmp ONLY) inside the steam app id folder.
step 4: open explorer to the folder where this found file was made
step 5: ~~~ how do i use the open command to hilight a file i select in explorer? I've forgotten/not needed to in 10 years! ~~~~

[ google says
explorer.exe /select,"C:\Folder\subfolder\file.txt"
if starting a new process.

or programaticly vie .vbs

Code: Select all

public bool ExploreFile(string filePath) {
    if (!System.IO.File.Exists(filePath)) {
        return false;
    //Clean up file path so it can be navigated OK
    filePath = System.IO.Path.GetFullPath(filePath);
    System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("explorer.exe", string.Format("/select,\"{0}\"", filePath));
    return true;
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Re: Brainstorm With Me? Steam Screenshots Fldrs.

06 May 2019, 00:54

Ok this is what I've got so far. but the explorer window is not opening highlight to the right file.

this opens the appropriate screen shots folder containing the newest file. and, it seems to know which file is newest.
however when explorer opens, it does not highlight any files.

As it turns out, the reason is because of the number of files in the folder cause a loading pause when explorer opens.
and thus the the folder population updates 2 or 3 times. perhaps at first without the file available in the list.

this causes it to appear as if there is no file to highlight by that name. It IS there however.

so the problem here is, the final call of this script,
[ Run, explorer /select`,""%f%"" ] cant highlight a file when the folder that file is in, is heavily populated.
i think i need a control-send method to highlight the file after a __delay. suggestions please?

EDIT: everything i tried with controlSend super failed....
finally i just had to juggle a delay, with a regular Send generic option. This is an Awful solution. Awful! especially after a 3 second delay! which is arbitrary.. it just seemed like a good delay... is there any way to be more exact to when the window is finished populating? merf...

Code: Select all

	Loop, %A_LoopFileFullPath%\screenshots\*.jpg,0
Run, explorer /select`,""%f%""
sleep % t:=3000  ;Default wait 3 seconds... Its probably available, but not yet populated...
while(t){ ; then wait one a second, for 3 MORE seconds to see if its even there and assume its populated by now..
ifwinActive screenshots
	Send %n%
;	tooltip %t%
sleep 1000

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