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Screen shot piece of screen

Posted: 13 Jun 2019, 13:56
by DonTutti
Hello, Im looking for somebody who can help me with part of script. I think its a lot of work so if anybody will be interested I can pay for help.
So lets star. Its my gui:
1 tab
I want to add points to list view. When I clisk on stand button it change mouse cursor to square (about 18x18 pixels) and take screen shot selected part of screen (on minimap) and add to list view. When I click on other buttons add it to list view and its some action, click xy or something like that. When click on action, it open next gui and I select what it must do and add to list view.
2 tab
I want to save, load all settings (added points) to use it later.

When I click start, it start do added actions from list view. When stand, its looking for image, when find click on center finded image iand waiting about 5 sec to reach them(when its clicking on them its going to it) , when its not in center of minimap click again. When its in center go to next action. Do next action and again and again in loop.

So basically I want to add points on map then go to point X, next go to point Y, do some action etc