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new script

18 Jun 2019, 03:43

What is the script for summarizing the keys Ctrl + A - Ctrl + C?
My script is not working:

Send, ^+a + ^+c ; WIN+#
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Re: new script

18 Jun 2019, 11:25

hajosch wrote:
18 Jun 2019, 03:43

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Send, ^+a  +  ^+c    ; WIN+#
If you want to select the whole text, a then copy it; it goes like this:

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LCtrl & LWin::     ;; press Left control and windows button to select the whole text.
Send, ^a^c

In autohotkey "+", "^", "!"; mean "Shift", "Ctrl", and "Alt"; respectively.
Here is the key list for deeper explanation:
Send documentation:

Modified the script, I didn't notice the hotkey was: ^#.

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