Process a script in the background

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Process a script in the background

20 Jun 2019, 22:44

Hello, community guys!

Let's see if someone can help me with this. I have a script that basically does the following.

Takes some text from an application, pastes it in an Internet Explorer form, retrieves the result obtained in Internet Explorer and then pastes it back to different control in my initial application.

(in case you want more specific information, what I am doing is retrieving text from the source segment in a Translation Tool, pasting it in a DeepL Web translation source field, retrieve the translated results from the DeepL target field, and then paste the translation back into the target field of my Computer Aided Translation tool.

After a million tests and refinements, and solving lots of delay problems with lots of Sleep, XXX around, I now want to go a step further and that is..

Since one script such as this one can take hours... is it possible to do it in the background while I am doing, say, playing a game or reading the newspaper online?

It might seem a far-fetched question but I am only looking for some orientation at least. My script involves keystroke typing (Control C, arrow keys, etc)e, switching from one application to another and then back again, and some mouse moving.

My question, to make it short, is to know whether doing this in the background would be feasible, would be impossible or would be possible but it would involve a huge amount of changes in my script. And secondly, which would be the moest problematic issue if I wanted to do all this in the background: sending keys/text to apps and retrieving text from them, switching between apps or mouse moving/clicking?

(if you need more detailed information about the particular script, feel free to ask)

It's a shame to wait for hours until the script is fnished without even being able to read a newspaper or do anythying at all with the PC.

Thanks guys!

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