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Automate QlikView Webview

25 Jun 2019, 07:07

I'm trying to automatically get QlikView data into Excel. I've come across an old third party Excel plugin which could connect and import a QlikView website, but that has seems to have been snuffed by QlikView.

So my next attempt would be to automatically export an Excel file through the webview. I've automated plenty of web actions, either through direct GET/POST request or by using IE's COM when there's too much javascript to get around. But here I'm getting stuck even when just trying things in Chrome's browser's console.

As far as I can tell, regardless of where I click, the coordinates are sent to the dashboard. And the export button doesn't have an event handler linked to it. So I assume the event bubbles up and the dashboard determines the target based on the coordinates. However, even when I send a click event with coordinates like: $('div[title="Send to Excel"]')[0].dispatchEvent(new MouseEvent('click',{'view': window, 'bubbles': true, 'cancelable': true, 'screenX': 1539, 'screenY': 328, 'clientX': 1539, 'clientY': 257})), the dash doesn't trigger anything. When I attach an event listener, I see the simulated event differs in a few parameters from a real one, such as composed and isTrusted, which are read only and indicate it's a simulated event. I'm not sure if the dash check for that. My sub-par Javascript understanding combined with the amount of what it executes, doesn't help in figuring out how to fix this.

Using SendClick doesn't work either. Send {Click} does, but that would require me to keep the browser window visible, which I would rather not have.

Does anybody have a any experience or tips regarding QlikView or handling stuborn websites?

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