Help needed regarding MouseClick/CoordMode

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Help needed regarding MouseClick/CoordMode

25 Jun 2019, 13:27

I have two windows open, window 1 which is not fullscreen, and window 2 which is fullscreen. Window 1 has a dot in the middle of the window. I have manually recorded the mouse coordinates of this dot, relative to window 1 from Window Spy. I need my script start with window 1 as the active window, then alt tab from window 1 into window 2, and then click on window 2 in the same place on the screen where the dot is in window 1.just take the coordinates of this dots relative to the screen which would make this easy, but window 1 is not always in the same position on the screen, so I need to use coordinates relative to window 1 for the dot. Also, I can't use MouseMove to move to the mouse to the dot while window 1 is the active window and then alt tab and click. Does anyone know a way to do this? I don't need help with the alt tab part. Any help is appreciated

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