Script to move mouse to a position and click once - but 4 times.

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Script to move mouse to a position and click once - but 4 times.

26 Jun 2019, 12:34

Hi there,

I am trying to write a script to help me with some Desktop/Window management.

I have a set of application windows that overlap to hide the non-relevant information and to maximize screen real estate. I have an app that positions the windows, but does not allow for ordering them on Z axis, so they are always stacked in the wrong order when I hit the hot key.

I would like to, as part of the hotkey I used to position the Windows, then have AHK move the mouse to a part of the window, click it, move to the next window, click it and so forth until the windows are ordered in the right way. Save me having to do it every time (and I do have to do it frequently unfortunately).

So I guess the steps would be:

1. Get current mouse pos
2. Move mouse cursor to Window 1, click (repeat for each window
3. When done, move mouse cursor to original position.

Any help appreciated. Thank you

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