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Comprehending Taran's AutoHotkey+Luamacros Project

Posted: 01 Aug 2019, 23:31
by BenevolentDeity
I'll admit it - I'm apparently too stupid to see the obvious. Ignoring whether Taran's second keyboard project is good or bad, after spending several days pulling my hair out trying to make sense of it, I still can't see the connection between how a Luamacros script file, such as his SECOND_KEYBOARD_script_for_LUA_MACROS.lua file, should be used in conjunction with an .ahk file? Is it possible to place some AutoHotkey commands directly in such a script file and skip the .ahk files altogether? If so, how do I associate them with a particular key on the 2nd keyboard? I can get AutoHotkey to work fine with its own .ahk sample files, but how do they fit into the picture with Luamacros script files? Is there a forum for dummies regarding this? I certainly need it! I'd simply like to start by being able to execute a ctrl-X from a single keystroke on my second keyboard. Here's how I did it in an .ahk file using a Win+z combination directly with AutoHotkey from my default keyboard without even involving Luamacros.

#z::Send ^{x}