Mouse cursor shall follow active window (Mindjet Manager)

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Mouse cursor shall follow active window (Mindjet Manager)

02 Aug 2019, 06:47


Basically, when pressing a certain key, I would like to automatically move the mouse cursor to an active, respectively, focused window.

I have been using Mindjet MindManager, a mindmap tool, for educational purposes. In doing so, I have figured out that it is more convenient to navigate by means of the keyboard arrows instead of scrolling up and down and thus clicking every single window seperately. HOWEVER, the basic problem is that text within such a window will naturally be REMOVED by starting to type in it. Therefore, I now need Autohotkeys for this purpose in order to use a shortcut for normal, continued writing within such a window:

1. The active window needs "focus" by means of the mouse cursor
2. That window must be clicked twice (which I have already figured out how to do).

Thank you for helping me out.

Best Regards

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