how pause and restart with same hotkey?

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how pause and restart with same hotkey?

18 Aug 2019, 21:44

I have a trouble, that I cant get out of this. If someone can help me, Ill be greatfull.

I want to start and stop (or pause) the script with the one hotkey. And when I hit the hotkey, it should release the all pressed keys. But I couldnt get it yet :)

Code: Select all

XButton2::                     ; start the sending keys down and up

if ( GetColor(707,1048)=="0xCB754A" )
send {t up}
sleep 10
send {" down}
sleep 150
send {" up}
send {z down}
sleep 300
send {z up}
} else {
send {t down}

XButton2::                      ; pause, break or stop with the sendings all keys up
send {z up}
send {t up}
send {" up}

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