Is it possible to make a visual effect using AutoHotkey?

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Is it possible to make a visual effect using AutoHotkey?

24 Aug 2019, 08:41

I recently discovered that Windows 10 has the ''Color Filter'' option in its settings, which allows you to change the screen colors (like invert the colors, black and white, inverted black and white)
Im new to AutoHotkey so i dont know if something like this is possible, but i thought that it might be worth a try posting this thread.
So i wondered if it is possible to add some kind of transition to the color filters.
I want a transition from the normal colors to the inverted colors and then to the black and white colors, here's a good example of what i want https
The transition is something like this: a small inverted colors circle appears in the middle of the screen and then it expands to the whole screen and then the black and white filter appears.
It would be incredible if it would be possible, i think it would be difficult though...
I dont want an exact replica of the effects in the video, but something close to it.
If you even start doing it, thank you very much!

Note: if the script is possible and will be made, i would like to be able to activate it by pressing C and deactivate it by pressing X

Have a great day!

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