AHK isn't playing nice with OBS

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AHK isn't playing nice with OBS

31 Aug 2019, 04:23

Hello there,
I was doing some scripts to help me stream easily with OBS. The goal was to mute my microphone with my 4th button on my mouse while showing an image of a muted microphone on my stream. For that, I did this :

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!ScrollLock:: ; Shortcut activated by my mouse
SoundSet, +1, MASTER, mute,8
Send !{F24} ; Shortcut sent to discord 
controlSend,,!{F22},ahk_class Qt5QWindowIcon ; Shortcut sent to OBS 
SoundGet, master_mute, , mute, 8

; ToolTip fun
ToolTip, Mute %master_mute%
SetTimer, RemoveToolTip, 1000

SetTimer, RemoveToolTip, Off
The problem is that it works sometimes, and sometimes not. I've added the "controlSend" and not just the "Send" beacause OBS doesn't take the shortcut when the window isn't active. And I can't figure why it works only sometimes.
Did anybody can help me with that ? Thanks

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