I'm Baffled By This Macro Package

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I'm Baffled By This Macro Package

01 Sep 2019, 17:08

I need to do 2 things with my huge file on a remote computer system. I want to get a complete copy on my PC and can only do it by a Copy and Paste operation. I can only access it through the CHROME or Internet Explorer. I need to mouse through the entire file to open up / click on three words and they are: 1 Reply, number of Replies, and the word MORE. A mouse click on either of the Replies displays them under my written Comment. A Comment may not have Replies. A mouse click on the word MORE displays the next set of Comments. This file of mine has grown over many years and many thousands of my comments and some replies to them.

I can not do a file copy because of the way the news site has the file, nor have they been able to move all of the "old Comments" into their new Commenting system. I can only do a Copy and Paste by hand which would take I don't know how long, but it would inflame my old, really old, arthritic hands and arms.

I am NOT a programmer. I have learned and used many different computers, operating systems and software over the decades, but not programming. My thing has been data base analysis, design, implementation with teaching aids to the end users in my former organizations. I have seen many coding programs from having worked with programmers, but I never had the chance to go to school to learn coding.

Is there anyone who could give me an outline of the codes that are needed for the 2 steps below so I could type them into the Macro Creator? I've watched several of the tutorials, but I'm even more baffled after watching all of the terms and sub menu pages / windows go by. I'm old, retired and have a number of health issues. I want to get my old comments into some sort of book to leave my grand kids on what our country is all about.

As I see my situation, I need to do two things:

1. Mouse wheel down the entire file looking for those 3 words, 1 Reply, or numbers of Replies (like 6 Replies), the word MORE and mouse click on them as they are encountered until get get to the bottom.
2. Once that is done I need to return the mouse to the top of the file and start a Copy of everything down the screen pages until I need to Paste to my word processing file on my PC, then continue the Copy until I reach the End Of File.

I don't know if these 2 things need to be 2 separate macro's or 1 big one. I think #2 also needs to monitor the size of what's been copied so far so it doesn't exceed the copy buffer max size
It seems I should have a "Do While" or some different commands in this or these macro's if I ever get them done because I don't know if the macro I tried to write would continue down through the file to the bottom of my file. I have not even tried to do a macro Copy & Paste on that file.

I don't know how much my copy buffer will take before I have to paste. I have 8 Gig on a Windows 10 Dell desk top PC. I have seen a report that I can increase my Virtual Memory copy buffer by half by doing some stuff in Windows 10, but I've not done it yet.


Here is an example of a Comment with “Replies”:

It did not matter that there was not a history of a prior relationship of dealing with churches and ministries, it was a matter of "Let's grab those tax dollars to spend."
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Yet another example of hypocrisy - deny essential basic benefits to those who are struggling so we can give it to our rich donors (owners, really) and hand out blank corporate welfare checks ("faith" based as well) while demonizing the people who really need it - the elderly, the working poor, children, and disabled.
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Yes. And he gave the job of heading the Faith Based Ministries to the daughter of one of his bundler-donors (Jim Click, daughter Carrie Click, schoolmate of a child of mine). After that "job" ended, Carrie went on to etiquette-based earnings.
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Here is an example of their word MORE to click on to display the next few Comments of mine:

After the end of one of my Comments there will be the following:

1. 4/1/2018 1:09 PM EDT on this article

A Mouse Click on That Word ‘MORE’ displays the next small set of Comments.


Yesterday I tried the "Quick Tutorial" with the Macro Creator. It did the record the mouse wheel down and mouse clicks on the 3 words. I thought I'd saved what it did, but when I ran what I'd written it repeated the actions, but I could not stop the run nor get control of my mouse pointer. I had to do a hard reboot of my PC to get control. When I looked, I could NOT find the code. Now, besides being Baffled, I'm also a bit gun shy of trying something. I don't have a clue on what I messed up.


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