Unique button combination for macro

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Unique button combination for macro

03 Sep 2019, 04:50

I recently bought a mouse with 8 macro buttons that I had planned to use at work. The accompanying software is limited and so therefore I would like to use AHK instead. The problem is that I cant find the SC for these 8 macro keys. When I use the buttons and check the key history I get the SC for the key the macro button was assigned to through its own software. So a workaround could be to find a unique combination of keys that Windows 7/8/10 doea not use and though the mouse's own software apply this unique combination to each macro button. Then in AHK use each of those combinations as a macro for triggering scripts.

So I need help with either:
1. Finding the true SC for the macro buttons on the mouse.
2. Find a unique combo of keys not used by win7/win8/win10. Is there a list somewhere? I tried shift+ctrl+alt+[number] and it makes things behave strangely.

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