I'm Baffled By This Macro Package - Follow Up

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I'm Baffled By This Macro Package - Follow Up

04 Sep 2019, 10:00

This is a follow up to my previous post asking for help as titled in this Subject Box: I'm Baffled By This Macro Package
This posting is on about Page 3 of these Topics.

I've managed to do a hot script using the "Quick Tutorial" directions.

I SAVED THE SCRIPT, BUT the file extension name that the TUTORIAL SAID TO USE, .ahk
had the file extension of .pmc added after the .ahk.

The script I did on just 1 page of my file I want to get copied created 1970 lines in the script file and did NOT record the Copy I entered, tried to enter into the script as a Control C.

When I started the record process with the hot key F-9 each line I mouse wheel down was high-lighted as if I was doing a COPY. But, when I got to the first “Reply” word and did a mouse click on it, all of the high-lighting of the lines above disappeared.

At some point in doing the script or after saving it, I get a rectangle box on screen with some symbols, but when I put the mouse pointer on any of them, there is no explanation of what it does, nor can I find a way to get rid of it.

I've not run the script. What I've done with the script does NOT look like what I think I need to ultimately get a complete copy of my 12,696 remarks with many of them having multiple reply remarks attached to them.

If you want to take a crack at my still being "Baffled" problem or want to see a piece of the script, let me know and I'll post as much of the lines as you want.

I'm even more BAFFLED by this entire problem. If I need to just give up, please say so.


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