Disable Office Key

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Disable Office Key

05 Sep 2019, 02:04

The WIndows 10 May 2019 update added a shortcut for Office 365 launcher.

The launcher opens up when I press Winkey + T

This shortcut was previously assigned to the Trello app.

I was able to disable the launcher app by going into the WindowsApps folder and changing the OfficeHub folder name.

However, when I press the same key combination now, this url is opened in my browser: https www.office.com /?from=OfficeKey Broken Link for safety

How could I disable this and return the hotkey to its previous function?
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Re: Disable Office Key

05 Sep 2019, 14:06

Did you try to simply run Trello with this key combo?
#t::run insertPathToTrello
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Re: Disable Office Key

05 Sep 2019, 16:21

The #IfWin directive is useful when a particular program ignores a key (- combination) or performs some action you find undesirable.
Try this

Code: Select all

#IfWinNotActive WinTitle that cannot ever exist ahk_class WinClass
	#t::run PathToTrello

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