Send Trailing Space? Topic is solved

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Send Trailing Space?

05 Sep 2019, 14:07

Kinda embarrassed to be asking this after many, many years of using AHK, but how do I send trailing spaces with the Send command?

Here's the two lines of code:
FormatTime, TimeStamp, , M/d/y hh:mmtt
Send %TimeStamp% -

Notice at the end of the Send line, there is a space, dash and a trailing space. However, when this executed, no trailing space is sent. I even tried adding two spaces to the end of that line, but when sent it still ends at the dash.

What am I missing here?
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Re: Send Trailing Space?  Topic is solved

05 Sep 2019, 14:10

It gets trimmed automatically. But there are ways to prevent this:


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Send %TimeStamp%%A_space%-%A_space%

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Send % TimeStamp A_space "-" A_space
I prefer the expression approach ... another way with expressions:

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Send % TimeStamp " - "
Edit: Another one, closer to your original line:

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Send %TimeStamp% -{Space} wrote:{Space}
Space (this is only needed for spaces that appear either at the beginning or the end of the string to be sent -- ones in the middle can be literal spaces)
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Re: Send Trailing Space?

05 Sep 2019, 14:47

Excellent! Thank yo so much.

I wasn't aware of any of those options, and the expression approach is very cool.

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