How to save data from GUI elements in a file/log ?

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How to save data from GUI elements in a file/log ?

22 Sep 2019, 02:37

Good afternoon, I wondered today ..
How to make data from (chekbox, radio) stored in a hotel file, let's call it log

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Re: How to save data from GUI elements in a file/log ?

26 Sep 2019, 11:57

Give each control a variable name, and then use GuiSubmit to assign the control value to the chosen variable names.

Once you have the variable values assigned, you can write them to a text file for example using FileAppend.

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#SingleInstance, Force

Gui, Margin, 10, 10
Gui, Add, Checkbox, w200 vCB1, Checkbox1
Gui, Add, Checkbox, wp vCB2, Checkbox2
Gui, Add, Checkbox, wp vCB3, Checkbox3
Gui, Add, Checkbox, wp vCB4, Checkbox4
Gui, Add, Radio, wp yp+40 vRad1, Radio1
Gui, Add, Radio, wp vRad2, Radio2
Gui, Add, Radio, wp vRad3, Radio3
Gui, Add, Radio, wp vRad4, Radio4
Gui, Add, Button, w80 h26 yp+40 gSubmit, Submit
Gui, Show, AutoSize, Example

	Gui, Submit, NoHide
	Temp := ""
	Temp .= "Checkbox 1: " CB1
	. "`nCheckbox 2: " CB2
	. "`nCheckbox 3: " CB3
	. "`nCheckbox 4: " CB4
	. "`nRadio 1: " Rad1
	. "`nRadio 2: " Rad2
	. "`nRadio 3: " Rad3
	. "`nRadio 4: " Rad4

	FileAppend, % Temp, MyLogFile.txt
	Run, MyLogFile.txt	
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