Is it possible to interact with Windows Alt-Tab functionality?

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Is it possible to interact with Windows Alt-Tab functionality?

15 Oct 2019, 18:09

I'd like to add some much-needed functionality into Alt-Tabbing in Windows. I'm wondering if it's possible to programmatically interface with the Alt-Tab functionality + popup menu without mere scripted manual keyboard input. Is there an API or some other direct way to be able to pull Alt-Tab puppet strings (like triggering an Alt-Tab switching 3-windows down... without having to keyboard input/script Alt-Tab three separate times).

What I'm roughly aiming to do -- please share any feedback or ideas on this -- is I'd love the ability to do batch-selection in the Alt-Tab popup. So when the Alt-Tab popup appears, Ctrl/Shift can be used to batch select multiple windows to bring to the top all in one go. Instead of having to activate Alt-Tab twice, once to bring up each window, Z-window #2 + Z-window #3.

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