ONENOTE Erase "Gesture" (Not Bluetooth Button) Shortcut/Remapping Mystery?!?

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ONENOTE Erase "Gesture" (Not Bluetooth Button) Shortcut/Remapping Mystery?!?

20 Oct 2019, 15:50

Since I've spent all day researching this without a solid answer,....perhaps we can together come to a conclusion here.

Short Term Purpose: While the 3 bluetooth functions of the original pen are great additions, some people have to obtain lesser pens that write just fine, but have a couple buttons by the fingers where you write instead. I believe this is also with OEM surface pens that dont have an eraser tip at the back of the pen.

One in particular has the two buttons assigned to ERASE and RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON. I know Samsung Laptop pen functionality has 1 button on their non-battery operated styluses that use the erase command for the button as well.

Coding with RMouse would of course be easy, as it's generic. However, in my research, I have not been able to find solid information on just what combination that erase button is sending to windows, so I can THEN remap.

HOW ONENOTE DRAWING FUNCTIONS: 1)You have whatever pen is selected, you write with the pen, the selected pen inks. Simple.
2) As you press and hold erase, the "pen" selection temporarily changes to "erase", so long as you are holding it, to erase what's been drawn.
3) Once released, it automatically changes back to the last pen you were just using.

I have heard about Alt+D+E, I'm no surefire expert with this I have tried "inking" while this is pressed, with no erasing luck, and no confirmation.
Can someone else confirm that this is what the erase button sends to windows, and if not, just what is it?

For anyone trying to figure it out, I'd add that clicking a pen and hovering with the mouse cursor switches from the pen to type right away, whereas hovering with the pen keeps in in inking mode. So the specific type of hover seems to mean something in relation to what it does within OneNote. But of course, that doesnt necessarily mean it has to with the goal in mind of reassigning the key, because the pen button will be close to the screen when it is clicked anyway.

In Simpler Terms Longterm Purpose: I'd for now like a code where a "quick" double click of the ERASER button opens the new Screen Snip command that windows has implemented this year, Shift+Win+S.

I am here for the long haul w/ a background in C, not a fly-by-nighter, so any and all help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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