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New AutoHotkey no work good Old Script Win 10

Posted: 21 Oct 2019, 17:05
by gigiiiii
With I have an old script that has always worked well from winXp to Windows 7 pro I had no problem, now I have Win10 pro and my nuisance script doesn't work well anymore.
This script (it has always worked from XP to Win7) monitors me the pixel points, which I choose with the mouse and with every change of color, he automatically presses F1 and F2.
When in the command table I select the keys to be mashed and the times he does it.
With Windows 10 It works but I see that every time it interacts it bothers me with the right mouse button.
Or in the game where I use it (the view is managed with the right mouse button), every time it is activated, I find myself with the visual to the right and left in the game (the view moves as if you were moving the mouse quickly and haphazardly)
Why? on Win 7 it was perfect and on win 10 wasn't it?
(I tried game settings, open it with Autohotkey executable A32-A64 U32-U64 and normal, WIN 7-8-view compatible mode run as administrator, but nothing does not settle)

thanks a lot

Re: New AutoHotkey no work good Old Script Win 10

Posted: 29 Oct 2019, 02:53
by gigiiiii
I found the problem maybe, it is in uac .... if I deactivate it normally it does not work Autohotkey (I have already tested the compatibility run as an administrator does not work), if I deactivate it from the regedit, it works but in a bad way