Uploading every file in a folder

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Uploading every file in a folder

23 Oct 2019, 07:31

I'm trying to create a script that uploads all the files within one folder to Azure Video Indexer: https www.videoindexer.ai / Broken Link for safety

I have written this script that promps a window where I can choose a folder.
Then the webpage is opened in chrome and the upload button is pressed. Finally it opens the file selector dialog. This is repeated the same amount of times as the amount of files in the folder.
However, I'm getting stuck at the part where the script should input each file path in the dialog window.

Here's what I got for now:

Code: Select all


FileSelectFolder, WhichFolder  ;  Pick a folder.
Loop, Files, %WhichFolder%\*.*

Run, chrome.exe "https www.videoindexer.ai "  Broken Link for safety
sleep, 3000
Send {Tab 7}
Send {Enter}
sleep, 500
Send {Tab 5}
Send {Enter}
sleep, 100
SendInput, %A_LoopFileFullPath%
Send {Enter}

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Re: Uploading every file in a folder

24 Oct 2019, 00:42

The service has an API. There is a possibility to upload files from a hard drive.
On this site there are a few code examples in different languages. Probably you can "translate" them to AHK or get a proper idea.

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