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30 Oct 2019, 10:46

Dear Members

I am writing this post to ask you for help.

I need to create a script which reads part of a test inside the file i have attached to this post. In detail i need to read from the list
  • 0019=BulgariaSat 1
    0030=Eutelsat 3B, Rascom QAF 1R
    0048=Astra 4A, SES 5
    0070=Eutelsat 7A,7B
    0090=Eutelsat 9B, Ka-Sat 9A
    0100=Eutelsat 10A
    0130=Eutelsat Hot Bird 13B,13C,13E
    0160=Eutelsat 16A
    0192=Astra 1KR,1L,1M,1N
    0200=Arabsat 5C
    0215=Eutelsat 21B
    0235=Astra 3B
    0255=Eutelsat 25B,Es'hail 1
    0260=Badr 4,5,6,7
    0282=Astra 2E,2F,2G
    0305=Arabsat 5A
    0315=Astra 5B
    0330=Eutelsat 33C,33E, Intelsat 28
    0360=Eutelsat 36B, Express AMU1
    0380=Paksat 1R
    0390=Hellas Sat 2,3
    0400=Express AM7

    The numbers one by one 0019... 0030...0048 and then put it on a variable to be used to get another information related on the same file. meaning..

    for exemple
    and finally use this information in another diferente file.

    Can you give a help please?

    Thank you

    Best regards

    Marco Leão

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Re: Script Help

30 Oct 2019, 16:18

you can always use a Parse-Loop to operate on the individual lines of a file or variable, but I must admit that I'm not entirely sure what you want the script to do afterwards.
A Parse-Loop would look like this:

Code: Select all

Loop, Parse, YourString, `n, `r
	IndividualLine := A_LoopField
The variable "IndividualLine" will contain the contents of every single line, the first one would be "0019=BulgariaSat 1".
What exactly is your next step after having extracted that information?
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