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Posted: 02 Nov 2019, 01:12
by keficiqo
Hi community

how to create an ahk script about "double click drag" function like in x-mouse button control but fastest response click as posible i mean with less lag left click response while i'm clicling..
and set a bind like F1 for enable and disable :superhappy:

thanks for help


Posted: 02 Nov 2019, 09:09
by Kobaltauge
You can define a variable and switch it with F1 to execute code or not.

Code: Select all

trigger := true

F1::trigger :=! trigger

if (trigger)
	;do stuff
But beware of this code. F1 is usually the Help key and if you remap your left mouse button without the ~ is doesn't work anymore.
We had a long discussion about the left mouse button on this thread

For the function, that you are requesting, I can't help you.