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help why my color in game 0x000000

Posted: 10 Nov 2019, 14:25
by Fallcon
i have use script autoHotkey like Month but now dont work
for script work i change Monitor too 16bit color but i need use 32bit color
and if use 32bit color i go too game and opan script get like this

PixelGetColor, color, %myszkaX%, %myszkaY%, RGB

if(color != 0x000000)

and this my script

Code: Select all

#IfWinActive, Tibia
CoordMode, Pixel, Screen
color:= 0
myszkaX:= 1200
myszkaY:= 143
PixelGetColor, color, %myszkaX%, %myszkaY%, RGB

if(color != 0x902E2E){
Send {f3}
Sleep, 200
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