Why is this script freezing?

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Why is this script freezing?

16 Nov 2019, 14:38

I'm trying to download rom patches from romhacking.net. The site doesn't allow hotlinking directly to the files and a copy/paste password must be entered to initialize the download. I can get past that, but when the File Download dialog pops up my script seems to freeze. I narrowed it down to the WinWait and WinActivate calls, but the window does exist and is easily found with windowspy. I've tried replacing the WinWait with a Sleep but the WinActivate freezes the script. I am really at a loss here. I've attached a zip containing the xml file

Error Happens Here

Edit: Apparently this is freezing the script also

Code: Select all

ControlGetText, dlFileName, SysLink1, % dlDialogWinTitle
(19.52 KiB) Downloaded 26 times

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