Hold down left click for a certain period before mouse event

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Hold down left click for a certain period before mouse event

17 Nov 2019, 09:17

Hi All,

I'm just wondering how I would produce a script which;

1. Only activates after the left button has been held down for x amount of milliseconds.
2. If the left button is released before reaching x milliseconds, it resets.
3. after reaching x milliseconds it utilises a DllCall("mouse_event" to move the mouse.
3.1 If possible, can DllCall("mouse_event" be moved over an allocated period of time?
4. after the DllCall it resets back to the start.

I'm currently utilising the following which works, but continues to work while LButton is held down, and does not reset.
Also, as im utilising while, the DllCall loops which contributes to the issue above.

Code: Select all

    KeyWait LButton, T0.900
    while GetKeyState("LButton")
        DllCall("mouse_event", uint, 1, int, 0, int, 12, uint, 0, int, 0)
        Sleep, 10

Any insight would be appreciated!
Thank you.

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