Multible add in menu

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Multible add in menu

28 Nov 2019, 13:23

Insted of the code:

Menu, Submenu1, Add, Item1, MenuHandler
Menu, Submenu1, Add, Item2, MenuHandler
Menu, Submenu1, Add, Item3, MenuHandler
Menu, Submenu1, Add, Item4, MenuHandler
Menu, Submenu1, Add, Item5, MenuHandler

I want to use this:

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x := 0
loop 5
	x += 1
	Menu, Submenu1, Add, Item.x, MenuHandler
It dont work - help.

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Re: Multible add in menu

28 Nov 2019, 14:08

A. This is Scripts and Functions, this is the section you'd go to, to post your code that you created that would benefit the community. The section you're looking for is Ask for Help.
B. To fix this, you have to understand how variables work. Look here.
C. To actually fix this and make it work, use the following:

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Loop, 5
	; Loop has a variaety of different variables ot use instead of creating your own to increment every time you go through a loop.
	; A_Index is the amount of times the code has been executed so far.
	Menu, Submenu1, Add, % "Item" A_Index, MenuHandler

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