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Can i make unique scripts ?

Posted: 07 Dec 2019, 17:22
by xhoffzz
Hi guys,

i need help with a problem.
I wonder if there is how to make a script that works only on one computer.
For example, I have a friend who has 3 friends, I want to make 1 script for MY FRIEND, but I want to prevent him from passing my script to friends. how to make the script work only on my friend's computer.
Any can help me ? thanks for all.

Re: Can i make unique scripts ?  Topic is solved

Posted: 07 Dec 2019, 19:36
by boiler
It depends on the lengths your friend will go to in order to make it work for his friends. If he knows AHK, he can pretty easily remove any code that will prevent it from working on his friends' computers. Depending on how much he knows about AHK, if you compile the script and give him the .exe file, then he might not be aware of how to remove the code that prevents it from working on their computers. You may be able to password protect the code by compiling it with AHK_H (a forked version of AHK) to make it harder for him to crack. You can compile your own version of AHK_H that changes the default password, which goes a long way toward protecting it (but is a pretty involved process).

Given the above, check out threads like this one for ideas on how to identify a particular computer so that it will only run on that one.