Is there anything called "Online" in autohotkey?

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Is there anything called "Online" in autohotkey?

09 Dec 2019, 11:10

Can you make an "online" game with Autohotkey?
Just AutoHotkey though, no other languages.
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Re: Is there anything called "Online" in autohotkey?

09 Dec 2019, 11:49

as i understand it the following are required for that to be possible.
a registered domain
an application/web server
a security certificate for tls
some kind of game engine
support for the OS and browser the game runs in.

to my knowledge there isnt a single online game anywhere written using only one language. for example the data exchange between the client and server will rely on soap or xml or json. some other technology is used for the server yet another for a load balancer and yet another for database. your question implies a great deal of naivety as to how games or other network based technology works.
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Re: Is there anything called "Online" in autohotkey?

09 Dec 2019, 13:05

define "AutoHotkey only"

DllCall is "AutoHotkey" and u can open a bunch of sockets for a primitive online experience. Working with sockets hardly has anything to do with AutoHotkey...

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