I need help improving an AHK.

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I need help improving an AHK.

17 Dec 2019, 21:20

Good night,
I am trying to write a macro that does the following:
I wanted that when I press ctrl I activate a sequence in A, S, D, W and loop these keys until I separate ctrl to deactivate the sequence.
Can anybody help me?

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Re: I need help improving an AHK.

17 Dec 2019, 22:20

A) post in these questions under "Ask for Help" (as opposed to "Tutorials")

> CTRL + I = loop ASDW till released

Check out: https://autohotkey.com/board/topic/72012-solved-loop-while-pressed-only/

In theory, this should work (untested)

Code: Select all

  while GetKeyState("Ctrl","P")
   Send, A
   Send, S
   Send, D
   Send, W
Or AHKGen.com link: https://www.ahkgen.com/?length=1&commen ... on0=Custom
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Re: I need help improving an AHK.

18 Dec 2019, 06:45

Hey this should help!

Code: Select all

#SingleInstance, force
SendMode Input
SetBatchLines, -1

global TheKey := "Ctrl"
global Keys := ["A", "S", "D", "W"]
global KeyCounter := 1
global TimeFromKeyToKey := 100 ; you can adjust this time to your liking

Loop {
    CurrentKeyState := GetKeyState(TheKey, "P")

    if(CurrentKeyState) {

        if(KeyCounter > 4) {
            KeyCounter := 1

    Sleep, %TimeFromKeyToKey%

PressKey(key) {
    SendInput, {%key% down}
    Sleep, 25
    SendInput, {%key% up}


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