Running links in a portable browser?

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Running links in a portable browser?

20 Dec 2019, 18:25

I am currently using a script to run web pages. I would like to be able to run them in portable browsers (Firefox).
Initially when I run a link - \firefox.exe - it will open up just fine. However if the browser is already open I get an error message stating the process is already running and I need to close the browser to run the link.

Does anyone know how to run links and have it open a new tab as if it were an installed browser?
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Re: Running links in a portable browser?

21 Dec 2019, 07:54

Strange that it doesn't work.
I have Firefox portable. Do I run this script it opens Firefox. When I run it twice it opens a new tab, like in the installed one.

Code: Select all

variablewithURL := ""

Run, "D:\portable\FirefoxPortable\FirefoxPortable.exe" "%variablewithURL%" 

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