Quality of Graphics and scaling with AHK

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Quality of Graphics and scaling with AHK

19 Nov 2013, 21:08

I have lots of png files, 1000 pixels square. I usually display them in a gui with a width and height of around 200 pixels. I've noticed that if I resize a picture control using movedraw back to the original size the quality is a lot less than the original. Here's an example (all half size):
Img200.png (9.69 KiB) Viewed 1717 times
The image scaled down is poor so I guess that's why when it is resized it is also poor. I want an image that looks good at around 200 pixels square and can be scaled up to 1000 pixels square. Should I be considering a different format from png? Do I need multiple images (but then moving and scaling will be much more complicated). What's the best approach? Thanks.
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Re: Quality of Graphics and scaling with AHK

20 Nov 2013, 04:21

Try creating the picture control with native size (automatically detect the image size), then resize it later with GuiControl, Move.

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