Fn Key as Modifier

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Fn Key as Modifier

23 Dec 2019, 15:03

I recently switched to a USB keyboard that includes an "Fn" key. There are several keys which can use the Fn keys (media buttons, search, sleep, etc.).

How can I use the Fn key as a modifier with ANY key?

For example, if I want to use FN & Q or FN & Up Arrow, etc.?

I tried using #InstallKeybdHook and KeyHistory but it isn't showing any info when I press the Fn key, so I know know the ID of this key.

Is it possible to use the Fn key as a modifier key to create my own function keys?

I know I can probably remap the official FN key actions (Sleep, Search, Media Buttons, etc), but I would like to use the FN key with ANY key.


Edit: All of my research seems to show that it will not be possible for me to remap the FN key, and that I should instead use the Win key as the modifier key. That's unfortunate. If anyone has any advice, please let me know. Thanks!
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Re: Fn Key as Modifier

22 Jan 2020, 17:24

Hi thedewd.

I recently started using a corsair keyboard, they come with the 'icue' software and in that software you can remap any key to any other key. But here's the catch, the fn key is very tricky, I've remapped it to shift+alt and it works, but as soon as i press that, I cannot press any other key, which makes the modifier unusable, so I'm now trying to solve that. It seems like the fn key is different to the others, hardwarewise, and when you press it no more input signal can go to your computer, it sucks, I hope I can find a solution.

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