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When called from another program, IniRead always throws an Error

25 Dec 2019, 13:25

I am writing an AHK script that works like this:

Receive Email via Outlook -> Outlook writes a mail.txt file that contains the Email contents to a specific folder -> Outlook also runs an AHK converted to EXE "Queue Manager" script to run (runs the appropriate script according to email contents) -> Desired Script running (IniWrite a predetermined delay)

Then, if another script runs while the first was running

IniRead Delay -> Add onto existing delay -> Sleep, for original IniRead amount -> Run Script

All the while, the Scripts each call a "Timer" (Singleinstance Ignore) that counts down -1000 from the delay every second

This allows me to cue multiple scripts at once

This works fine if I run queue manager with a test mail.txt file, but when I try it through outlook, I get an "ERROR" whenever I try to read the IniRead delay even though nothing has changed except the email is sent from outlook. The scripts all run at once for no reason. I thought it might be because Outlook was calling the script, so I wrote another script that just runs the "Queue Manager" but even that didn't work. Any suggestions?

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