Remap driver level key combinaison

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Remap driver level key combinaison

11 Jan 2020, 07:33


I am using the French Dvorak keyboard layout : https on windows.

When I press "Shift + Space" it inserts a a non-breaking space : https /wiki/Non-breaking_space Broken Link for safety

I have absolutely no need for this and it blocks me from using the "Shift + Space" shortcut in my DAW application (Ableton Live).

This shortcut is not configurable in my DAW.

I am trying to find a way to make it work again using autohotkey.

I tried

+Space::SendInput +{Space}

It’s not working.

Does anybody have an idea how I can make this work? I do not wish to rebuild/re-compile the driver.

I will also have to override other key combinations such as "Ctrl + Alt + R" which inserts a special character (˘) instead of triggering the shortcut in my application..

Thanks in advance

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