Windows 10 - Winexist

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Windows 10 - Winexist

23 Jan 2020, 02:59


changing from Win7 to WIn10 i noted that the CPU Usage of my tool is greatly increasing (about <1% to 10-15%).
I use a timer function which repeatly calls WinExist() or IfWinExist.

Below a demo code (cant show the whole code).

I know that there a a lot of If-then-else clause combined partially with regex and detecthiddenwindows, but as it works really fine on Win7, why there is such a CPU Usage on Win10?
Has anyone same experiences with Win10 (or a solution)?

Code: Select all

SetTimer, timerevent, 1000

 SetTimer, timerevent, OFF
 IfWinExist, MyWindowtoCheck
 } else if WinExist("AnotherWindowtoCheck1")
 } else if WinExist_Mode("AnotherWindowtoCheck2",,,,"RegEx","on")
 ; ... and so on
 ; ... and so on 
 ; ... and so on
 SetTimer, timerevent, ON

WinExist_Mode(WinTitle, WinText="", ExcludeTitle="", ExcludeText="", Using_TitleMatchmode="", Using_DetectHiddenwindows="")
	old_mode := A_TitleMatchMode
	old_speed := A_TitleMatchModeSpeed
	old_detect := A_DetectHiddenWindows
	if Strlen(Using_TitleMatchmode)
		SetTitleMatchMode, %Using_TitleMatchmode%
	if Strlen(Using_DetectHiddenwindows)
		DetectHiddenWindows, %Using_DetectHiddenwindows%
	res := WinExist(WinTitle, WinText, ExcludeTitle, ExcludeText)
	SetTitleMatchMode, %old_mode%
	SetTitleMatchMode, %old_speed%
	DetectHiddenWindows, %old_detect%
	return res

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