Split screen -Caption windows

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Split screen -Caption windows

19 Feb 2020, 06:54

Hi guys, thanks to you i figured out how to have a nice gui window without the title bar, but when i try to do a split screen this is what happen:
And the worst is that if you try to change proportions between the two windows it only creates a black screen:
Minimize, maximize and close buttons don't work, but this is not a problem cause if I wanted a no caption window, i surely don't want those buttons :D .

Here's the code:

Code: Select all

OnMessage(0x84, "WM_NCHITTEST")
OnMessage(0x83, "WM_NCCALCSIZE")
gui, color, 000000
Gui, +resize -caption MinSize400x200
Gui, Show, w300 h300
WinGet, GuiID, ID, A


    if A_Gui
        return 0    ; Sizes the client area to fill the entire window.

; Redefine where the sizing borders are.  This is necessary since
; returning 0 for WM_NCCALCSIZE effectively gives borders zero size.

WM_NCHITTEST(wParam, lParam)
    static border_size = 6
    if !A_Gui
    WinGetPos, gX, gY, gW, gH
    x := lParam<<48>>48, y := lParam<<32>>48
    hit_left    := x <  gX+border_size
    hit_right   := x >= gX+gW-border_size
    hit_top     := y <  gY+border_size
    hit_bottom  := y >= gY+gH-border_size
    if hit_top
        if hit_left
            return 0xD
        else if hit_right
            return 0xE
            return 0xC
    else if hit_bottom
        if hit_left
            return 0x10
        else if hit_right
            return 0x11
            return 0xF
    else if hit_left
        return 0xA
    else if hit_right
        return 0xB
    ; else let default hit-testing be done
I looked everywhere for a solution, but I've found nothing. Can you help me? :roll:

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