Multiple Commands on 1 Script

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Multiple Commands on 1 Script

22 Apr 2020, 01:55


Sorry I am a newbie at this, I have been trying to get my code to work. I have a different program that has its own hot key and requires me to hit window+C to activate, but I notice that when my Mousemove to the coordinate, my program does not activate on window+C. I've added a bunch of sleeps because it takes time for my mouse to get to a certain coordinate. Sorry for it being messy, again I am a newbie. I've spent a lot of time and cannot figure it out. Is it my layout of the code, is there a more efficient way?

#MaxThreadsPerHotkey 10


While toggle{
MouseGetPos, PosX, PosY
MouseMove, 364, 941 ;move mouse to coordinate
Sleep 1000
Send, {Lwin down}{c down} ;activate my program, but it always fails to activate my other program's hotkey
Sleep 500
Send, {Lwin up}{c up} ;release buttons so my keys don't get stuck?
Sleep 1000
Send, {LButton Down}
MouseMove, 817, 984
Send {LButton Up} ;to drag from coordinate to coordinate
Sleep 1500
Mouseclick, left, , , 1; click to activate
Sleep 1500
MouseMove, 430, 1024 ;to move to coordinate
Sleep, 1000
Send, ^v
Sleep, 1000
Send, {Enter}

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Multiple Commands on 1 Script

22 Apr 2020, 07:07


I guess by "activate program" you mean to bring it in foreground/focus.
You can use WinActivate and WinWaitActive for that.
(Check the AHK documentation).

If your cursor does not move quickly enough,
you can add a 0.
MouseMove, 817, 984, 0

Also, why do you move the cursor and then activate the program?
The other way around makes more sense to me.

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