initializing 2d arrays

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initializing 2d arrays

25 Apr 2020, 02:34

I know how to initialize them like

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 2darray := [[]]  
but that only allows me to add 1 element inside the array. When starting my script, I do not know if I will need to initialize it like this [[], [], []] to have three elements contained in the array, or if i will need 5 elements contained in the array until later on. How would I go about correctly initializing the 2d array? For example,

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if (numberOfArraysIWillNeed = 5)
      array := [[], [], [], [], []]
except the number of arrays I would need could be anywhere from 1 to 500.
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Re: initializing 2d arrays

25 Apr 2020, 04:33

See :arrow: arrays of arrays, example

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2darray := []
; ...
2darray[x, y] := z 

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