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progress bars

26 Apr 2020, 23:59

If you run this script, which produces progress bars for every pixel, it has gaps every 4 in the y direction and every so often in the x direction. There are just white gaps between them. I need them to be 1 by 1 sized. Also, it seems like theres a progress bar limit, or theres an error somewhere. before it creates a 100 by 100 progress bar thing, it stops early for some reason. Just wondering if someone understands whats going on.

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#singleinstance, force

gui, +alwaysontop

x:= 0

loop, 10000

gui, Add, Progress,x%X% y%Y% h1 w1 Backgroundred, 0
gui, show, h500 w500, progress bars


if (x > 100)
		x := 0
	tooltip, %x% " " %y%




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Re: progress bars  Topic is solved

27 Apr 2020, 00:16

Add gui, -dpiscale at the top
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Re: progress bars

27 Apr 2020, 00:23

ahh got it, I've used that so many times in the past, surprised I didn't catch that bug. Thanks for your help.

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