What should I use

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What should I use

28 Apr 2020, 03:26

Hello guys,
I have a problem.
On the picture u can see 3 lines. In these 3 lines there are 3 different keys that falling down from the top.
I need script whats gonna press one of the 3 keys whats gonna fall right in that moment.
I wish if anyone could help me how to do it OR... if u feel like its easy DM me and I make u price.

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Re: What should I use

28 Apr 2020, 03:31

2 choices.
- Memory reading

Autohotkey is lacking in OCR scripts, so;
Memory reading is the easiest, but it's still far too difficult for a novice.

I'm just giving suggestions. I'm not interested in doing any paid work.
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Re: What should I use

28 Apr 2020, 05:34

You could imagesearch for partial of full letter matches in the selected areas. The trouble would be that iamgesearch takes more than 0 time so getting it to perform all necessary checks done before the window of opportunity passes could be a challenge.

For clarity you would just have a pre-captured picture of each letter/color combination. But if there are 24 letters searching each one would take too long.

FindText or graphicsearch.ahk may be valid alternatives as the screen can be searched for multiple images without re-capturing each time. These however may require some ahk practice.
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Re: What should I use

28 Apr 2020, 07:38

I don’t know how fast they are falling, but OCR might be too slow. ImageSearch would be too slow to cycle through all the possibilities if it has less than a couple seconds to act, as Chunjee suggested. Perhaps it would be fast enough with some multi-threading. You could either use multiple scripts with each one only checking a handful of letters or use AHK_H’s multi-threading capabilities.

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