what is a .ini file? Topic is solved

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what is a .ini file?

23 May 2020, 00:19

I've heard about this file type a lot but don't actually know what it is and what it is used for. Can someone explain to me what it does and how can it be used? I've been using txt files lately as databases and stuff and am just wondering what other options I have. Thanks! :bravo: :bravo: :terms: :dance: :clap: :crazy: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :oops: :headwall: :headwall: :headwall: :superhappy: :beer:
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Re: what is a .ini file?  Topic is solved

23 May 2020, 00:25

You never encountered them before? It's really nothing AHK-specific, but text files with a certain structure in order to save information, like for example settings or configurations, between script runs.

AHK has special commands to handle them: IniWrite, IniRead and IniDelete.
I think some people even created specialized libraries.

Some other options: JSON, XML, SQLite, ...

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