Selenium - Executescript numeric field.

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Selenium - Executescript numeric field.

24 May 2020, 06:37


Im trying to use the following code below to input a value into a numeric field (field that only allows numbers to be input), but i cant seem to find what i am missing, or if its even possible.

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driver.executeScript("arguments[0].setAttribute('value', '123')", driver.FindElementbyXpath("//input[@name='ItemPrice']"))
The code below is the element extracted from the page that is targeted.

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<input name="ItemPrice" class="editGridInactive numeric-value editGridField valid" data-bind="value: ItemPrice.formatted" data-maxlength="10" type="text" aria-invalid="false">

I can input into other fields in the same website that allows chars+numbers, but the fields that only allow numbers are not working :(

Thanks in advance.

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