URL detected AHK software

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URL detected AHK software

10 Jun 2020, 05:02

im trying "scrap" prices from www.alza.cz
i have this URL and i can use URLDownloadToFile from this: https://www.alza.cz/search.htm?exps=p2419h
then i can use RegexMatch and voala i have the price. But when i try this second or third times, URLDownloadToFile dont download content of the web
site but this: (detected im trying use sofware to read this sites - ROBOTO)

<!DOCTYPE html><html><head> <title>Unauthorized Request Blocked</title>
en: 'Please verify yourself', de: 'Prüfen Sie sich bitte', hu: 'Kérem, igazolja magát',}, text:{cs: 'Prosím potvrďte, že jste člověk z masa a kostí. „PÍP PÍP TUDŮT, Děkujeme.“', sk: 'Prosím potvrďte, že ste člověk z mäsa a kostí. „PÍP PÍP TUDUT, Ďakujeme“', en: 'Please confirm you are a human being made of flesh and bone. "BEEP BEEP TADATAAH, thank you!"', de: 'Bitte bestätigen Sie, dass Sie ein Mensch aus Fleisch und Knochen sind. „Piep Piep Tüdüüt, Danke.“', hu: 'Kérem erősítse meg, hogy Ön hús-vér ember. „Bip-bip, tütűt, köszönöm!”',}, button:{cs: 'Potvrdit', sk: 'Potvrdiť', en: 'Confirm', de: 'Bestätigen', hu: 'Megerősítés',}}; var lang=navigator.language || navigator.userLanguage; if (!lang){var requestedWeb=decodeURIComponent(location.search).match(/ssa=https?:\/\/www\.alza(shop)?\.([a-z.]+)/i); if (requestedWeb.length==3 && tldToLang.indexOf(requestedWeb[2])){lang=tldToLang[requestedWeb[2]];}else{lang='en';}}lang=lang.substring(0, 2); var langs=['cs', 'sk', 'en', 'de', 'hu']; if (langs.indexOf(lang)===-1) lang='en'; title.innerHTML=translations.title[lang]; text.innerHTML=translations.text[lang]; button.innerHTML=translations.button[lang]; button.addEventListener('click', function (){form.submit();}, false); </script></body></html>

is there any way around it?
the delay does not work
Thank you.
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Re: URL detected AHK software

10 Jun 2020, 05:18

There might be several options on how to detect an automated web parsing tool. Check out if needs a specific time delay till you're able to have another successful attempt. Probably you have to delete a cookie, change your IP, ... OR use COM for consecutive requests (?)

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