DllCall w/o function name Topic is solved

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DllCall w/o function name

29 Jun 2020, 13:05

Now I'm trying to convert Webapp.ahk library to AHK2, and I found a strange line:

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r := DllCall( NumGet(NumGet(1 * pipa) + 5 * A_PtrSize)
            , "ptr", pipa
            , "ptr", &kMsg )
Why first parameter is a number and not a string containing function name?
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Re: DllCall w/o function name

29 Jun 2020, 14:05

I'm not fully knowledgeable when it comes to programming so bare with me here.
When it comes to calling a function, you can either call by using the function's name, or it's "ID". Some functions allow their name while others use their ID's.

If I'm wrong, sue me.

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Re: DllCall w/o function name  Topic is solved

29 Jun 2020, 14:06

It's a memory address for the function to call.
[v1.0.46.08+]: This parameter may also consist solely of an integer, which is interpreted as the address of the function to call. Sources of such addresses include COM and RegisterCallback().
There is a function called "vtable" in this example: https://www.autohotkey.com/docs/commands/DllCall.htm#ExTaskbar
If a COM object interface is not "IDispatch" then AHK can't call the object's functions by name through an AHK COM object that wraps the COM object interface. Instead, you are given an address of the vtable, and the vtable contains the addresses of the functions belonging to the object.
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Re: DllCall w/o function name

12 Jul 2020, 11:04

Okay thank you guys!

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