simple parallel port script help

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simple parallel port script help

08 Jul 2020, 17:47

Hi all i have been using ahk for years and are reasonably up to speed however i have a new project that im starting.

essentially im going to put a momentary button with resistor to pull down one of the input pins on the parallel port, i have the inout32dll and the example script for this but there is way to much in there to work out what does what,

has anyone got an example script that monitors one pin and when it changes fire of a subroutine that i can take a look at and figure it out from there.

thanks in advance

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Re: simple parallel port script help

10 Jul 2020, 09:41

I found this on github. Parellel port interfacing using PC. Description means it is written in 2009.

Second here.

And one more here --> link to forum thread
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Re: simple parallel port script help

10 Jul 2020, 10:32

Not my cup of tea (due to a lack of expertise) but I HTH ...

If links are the same as Frosti's feel free to ignore mine without feeling guilty in any form :mrgreen:
Good luck :)

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