Entering User ID on a webpage

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Entering User ID on a webpage

10 Jul 2020, 12:46

Have a problem entering the login/userID into a webpage. The webpage does have a form and I am using the below lines of code to login. The password is getting populated but not the user ID.

WB.document.all("username").Value = "user"
WB.document.all("password").Value:= "Password123"

Also, tried
WB.document.getelementsbyclassname("inforTextbox")[2].Value = "user"
WB.document.all("userName").Value = "user"

Below is the elements on the webpage

<div id="inforSignInDialog">
<div id="inforSignInDialogHeader">
<p>Bienvenue. Veuillez-vous connecter.</p>
<div class="inforSignInControls">
<form name="form1" id="submitform" method="post">
<label class="inforTextBox" style="margin: 0px 4em 0px 0px;">Nom d'utilisateur</label>
<label class="inforTextBox">Mot de passe</label><br>
<input name="userName" class="inforTextbox" type="text">
<input name="password" class="inforTextbox" type="password">
<input name="submit" class="inforFormButton" type="submit" value="Login">
<input name="submit" class="inforFormButton" type="submit" value="Password">
<input name="submit" class="inforFormButton" type="submit" value="Cancel">
<input name="check" type="checkbox" value="cookie">Est-ce que vous voulez garder ce mot de passe?


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