sublime text syntax auto completion

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sublime text syntax auto completion

24 Jul 2020, 03:00

hi, need some help here, much appreciated.

as a non programmer, please forgive my noob question.

is it possible to make the syntax auto completion only complete the main part, instead of send the whole syntax.

more specifically, just leave the part in red box.

thanks and stay safe!

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Re: sublime text syntax auto completion

24 Jul 2020, 09:55

Well, you could:
In the auto completions file (AutoHotkey.sublime-completions) in the AutoHotkey package, you can add your own auto completions.

However you could modify the #IfWinActive line to be: {"trigger": "#IfWinActive", "contents": "#IfWinActive${1:, [ WinTitle}, ${2:WinText]}$0"},. So when you add the directive to your script you could just press enter and it'll overwrite it and remove the extra parameters.

On a side note:
The Sublime Text AutoHotkey package is kind of underdone and slightly outdated. I'm currently working on updating it and making it better overall.

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